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September 10, 2008

RE:   Toronto & East York Community Council Rejects Neville & Munro Park Development

"Today, September 9, 2008, ten Councillors comprising the Toronto and East York Community Council UNANIMOUSLY supported Sandra Bussin's Motion to accept the Planning Department's recommendation that City Council reject the development application regarding Neville, Munro and Lakefront!!  HURRAY! 

Dermot Sweeny and a few supporters, some of who admitted on questions from Councilors, that they had not read the Planning Department Report addressing the development and reasons for concern, addressed Sandra Bussin and the other ten Councillors sitting today, as did BLNA and a number of its supporters.  BLNA supporters, and supporters of the Planning Department's refusal report, gave historical, factual, and heartfelt positions regarding their opposition to the development.  These positions were repeated, endorsed and echoed by Sandra Bussin.  In addition to emphasizing the importance to Toronto of the interpretation of the City's own Official Plan that is required by this development application, Ms. Bussin confirmed that in all of her years in government and council, she had never seen the kind of community outcry and interest that has been ignited by this application!  Everywhere she goes in the community she is asked about the development application's progress and told of opposition to it. 

The proceedings at Community Council are recorded and ought to be available to the public shortly at the Community Council website.  A copy of the report is available at  The minutes will soon be posted where the agenda for the meeting was at

BLNA thanks all of its members and supporters who took the time to write to Community Council in advance of today's meeting.  IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO WRITE AND EXPRESS SUPPORT FOR THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT'S REFUSAL REPORT.  

PLEASE send an e-mail to

or a letter to the attention of:

Francis Pritchard
c/o the City Clerk's Office, City Hall
100 Queen St. W. Toronto ON M5H 2N2

BLNA again thanks its supporters and volunteers.  Please visit the BLNA website at often in the next two weeks for information as to the date full Council will meet to consider the Refusal Report.


Leanne Rapley
BLNA Director 707-5969