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September 2, 2008
Dear Friends and Neighbours:

BLNA has learned that the Community Council Meeting, of which City Planner Tine Major spoke at our last meeting at St Aidan's, will take place September 9, 2008, starting at 11am in Committee Rm 1, Second Floor, City Hall.  The following item/report will be before Council: 

Item: TE18.23, Refusal Report - Official Plan Amendment, Rezoning and site Plan Applications, - 2-4 Nevile Park and 438-440 Lakefront Lane.  Ms. Major's recommendation to City Council is to reject the developer's plans for its condominium at the lakefront between Neville Park Boulevard and Munro Park Avenue.  See a copy of the Report and recommendation.

In summary, the reasons for the City Planning Department's recommendations that council reject the developer's Application include:

1. Physical changes to established "Neighbourhoods" must be sensitive, gradual, and generally "fit" the existing physical character.  A key objective of the Official Plan is to ensure that new development respect and reinforce the general physical patterns in a neighbourhood;

2. The application would be potentially precedent setting and would change the character of the area.  It could initiate long term structural change and instability to the physical character of building types and massing in the neighbourhood, and

3. The City's Urban Forestry department has reviewed the developer's revised application and has indicated that it does not support and strongly objects to the proposed removal of trees no. 9, 10, 19 and 20 (numbered on the developer's drawings), and the injury of trees no. 8 and 21, as indicated in the Arborist Report submitted with the application.  Further, Urban Forestry is of the opinion that both trees no. 8 and 21 will not survive the construction of the building, as proposed. Urban Forestry has indicated that these six trees are healthy mature red oak trees which are of high value and significance to the local neighbourhood and the City. These trees are remnant native, indigenous trees which formed part of the original oak forest that once covered this area of the City and which are extremely valuable as part of Toronto's urban forest.

The conclusion arrived at by the City Planning Department is that the policies contained within the City of Toronto Official Plan provide the basis for refusing this developer's proposal because it does not meet the intent of the Plan for development within or adjacent to stable, residential neighbourhoods. The proposed lot size, density and building type do not reinforce or respect the physical character of the existing neighbourhood.  The proposal would destabilize the existing building stock and result in inappropriate intensification in an area not identified for growth.

It is BLNA's understanding that anyone who intends to make submissions and/or attend at a future OMB hearing must be present at the Community Council meeting. BLNA looks forward to the continued support of the community in this regard.  

Printed copies of the Report and recommendations can be picked up at the Clerks' office at City Hall, 12th Floor, West Tower.  City staff will mail the Report out following request made to Community Council at

BLNA thanks its community for its tremendous support and looks forward to its presence at this Sunday's B.A.C.K. THE BEACH Concert in Kew Gardens between 11am and 7pm! 

Harold Tabone
Communication Director, Beach Lakefront Neighbourhood Association Inc.