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March 19, 2008
Dear Friends and Neighbours:

Please find below the text of a press release that has been sent by the BLNA to the media in response to the recent re-application by the developer respecting the proposed condominium project at the beach between Neville Park and Munro Park. Please forward this to other concerned Beach Residents and let them know that should they wish to be up to date with our efforts, that they can send me their e-mail addresses.

Thank you so much!

Harold Tabone

Communications Director, Beach Lakefront Neighbourhood Association Inc (BLNA)

The Revised Apartment Development Proposal on the Lakefront is Unacceptable

Two weeks ago, the Beach Lakefront Neighbourhood Association Inc.(BLNA) received advice from a newspaper that the developer of the proposed apartment building along the waterfront between Neville Park and Munro Park had submitted a new proposal to the City.

In the press release from the developer’s public relations firm, the developer suggested that the new plan responded to the concerns of the community.  It does not address those concerns.

If the developer were genuinely interested in discussing changes with the community, we would have expected the developer to seek a meeting with the BLNA and the community to discuss the proposed changes to determine whether they actually responded to the genuine concerns expressed during the public meeting in September 2007 before resubmitting to the City.  This was not done.

Since the developer was not courteous enough to speak to the BLNA or the community about the proposed changes before submitting to the City, the BLNA is responding to the rendering of the building in the newspaper.  This rendering shows a four storey building which contains inconsequential changes from the previous five storey condominium apartment building when considered in the context of the concerns expressed by the community.

The developer’s suggestion that the revised apartment building now conforms with the City’s Official Plan is incorrect.

The fact that some people may like the look of the building is not the issue.  The BLNA and the community have said in very strong terms that any apartment building in this location is unacceptable.  There is no good reason to move away from the house-form buildings which are called for by the City’s Official Plan for the site and which would respect the character of the neighbourhood.

As to the developer’s assertions regarding the saving of more trees, we have to reserve comment until we receive detailed plans; however the saving of some trees does not make the apartment building project more acceptable; it simply makes it less objectionable.

The developer’s offer of changes (landscaping etc.) to the public lands at the foot of Neville Park and Munro Park is not welcome. We do not see the need for changes in this area.  It is quite attractive as it is.  The fact the developer would promote this as something of value in exchange for support of the apartment building is simply an indication that the developer is “tone deaf” in regard to the community’s values.

The BLNA will continue to strongly oppose the proposed condominium apartment building and urges the continued support of the community to do this.  The BLNA will be organizing a public meeting in the future and we will be resuming our fund-raising efforts immediately.

Please contact Harold Tabone at

Harold Tabone
Communication Director, Beach Lakefront Neighbourhood Association Inc.