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Beach Lakefront Neighbourhood Association

Latest Communication from BLNA

The City and the Neighbourhood Won!

January 7, 2010

The OMB has released its decision regarding the proposed apartment building for the lakefront at 2-4 Neville Park Blvd. and 438-440 Lakefront.  The appeal by the developer has been dismissed by the OMB.

According to the OMB decision, this proposal is not appropriate for the site and is not compatible with the physical character of the surrounding neighbourhood. It neither respects nor reinforces the existing physical character and is out of keeping with that physical character. The Board determines that the proposal is not infill development as contemplated by Policy 4.19 of the Official Plan. It is not an appropriate development of the site and this proposal with its proposed amendments does not constitute good planning and are most assuredly not in the public interest.

A copy of the decision is linked:
Read the OMB Refusal Report

The strong support of the City position by the neighbourhood with its own team of lawyers and experts (entirely funded by neighbour contributions) was a major contributing factor to the victory.  The OMB clearly listened and supported the City's planning policies intended to protect low density neighbourhoods like ours.  Other groups can take heart from the success of the Beach Lakefront Neighbourhood Association Inc.  We would like to thank our legal counsel, Wood Bull LLP, our planner, Pino Di Mascio and our heritage planner, Wayne Morgan who were instrumental in this success before the OMB." 

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who committed hours of work over the past 3 years and everyone in the neighbourhood who provides financial support. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard and gave so much!

 For further information, please contact:

Steve Ottaway
steveo@gmpsecurities com
416 943 6112