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Beach Lakefront Neighbourhood Association Inc.

The Beach Lakefront Neighbourhood Association Inc. (BLNA) is a registered non-profit organization. It was formed by residents of Neville Park Blvd and Munro Park Blvd in response to the threat posed to the Lakefront between those two streets by a proposed 4-storey condominium apartment on three lakefront lots upon which single family homes were built.

The Association is assisted by residents from other parts of the Beach in its efforts as it is perceived that this proposed development, if approved, will change the look and feel of the lakefront in an unacceptable manner.  There is also a concern that it will set a precedent for other incompatible residential intensification proposals in other parts of the Beach, in particular in proximity to the lakefront.

The Association is supportive of the recently approved policies in the City’s Official Plan which direct significant residential intensification, such as the proposed condominium apartment development, onto the major arterial roads like Queen Street.  In saying this, the Association understands that redevelopment along such roads must be sensitive to the effects on the adjacent low density neighbourhoods.